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Group exhibition | DAOR contemporary

Left " Leave the world behind II" 2021, 123x153cm, mixed media and oil on canvas | Right "Beautitudes/Saligsprekinge"

It is hard to believe that 8 months after I put down my camera and picked up my paint brushes, come tomorrow I will have artwork hanging in three different gallery spaces across Cape Town.

When I started reading up on how to get your art into galleries, it seemed totally impossible and very scary. For three months I worked vigorously on a bunch of paintings and posted the process on instagram. It was a Monday when I photographed the work professionally and made a catalogue on canva. On the Friday I sent the catalogue to exactly three galleries in 6 hours (I kept typing and deleting text, trying to come up with a sort of casual introduction email to show them my work but to not seem desperate, epic fail). One email failed to send, one gallery let me know that they preferred whimsical work & one gallery told me that they will get back to me (they never did). It was such a petrifying experience to cold-call (by email) these galleries that my husband, who also has his own business, had to pep talk me a whole bunch of times.

I kid you not, the very next day I received a DM from a wonderful curator that I will forever be thankful to for saving me from the email introductions. She asked to see my work and that is how I was included in a beautiful group show in a gallery located right in the port of Cape Town.

Just one of the many reasons why I firmly believe in a Higher power and destiny AND doing what you love.

I am very grateful to be 36 and to know that nothing worth doing happens overnight. I am grateful for this journey that I have wanted to start everyday since art school (14 years ago) and finally did because of the pandemic screwing up my old job (as a wedding photographer).

If you appreciate art, please pop into DAOR contemporary in Cape Town. Unfortunately I have this problem that photographs of my paintings doesn't do them any justice. The work is alive and they pull you into your own experience (well, at least that is what my hope is for them) when you view them face to face.

All work is available - please contact the gallery for a catalogue.

"Beautitudes/Saligsprekinge" 2021, 74x58.5cm, mixed media and oil on canvas

"Eucharistia" 2021, 74 x 58.5cm, mixed media and oil on canvas

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