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Inner Room | Binnekamer

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

"A room where the only entrance or escape is through another room"

The inner room is the first body of work completed by photographer turned painter, Simone Marinus and promises to take the viewer on a journey into the inner space of an expressionist using the rawness of colour, line, and form.

To me, an Inner room can have a loaded meaning. A hiding place, a safe place, a quiet place where all the outside noise is subdued and where we are not in immediate danger, a spiritual place, a holy place where we reconnect with the truth. As we find the outside world in a state of crisis we each need to grab hold of something and cling for dear life. My studio has become my inner room and the act of painting has become my invocation.

Please contact the studio for a catalogue:

Inner Room / Binnekamer, 2021, 760 x 605mm, oil on canvas

Palpable / Tasbaar, 2021,760 x 605mm, oil on canvas

Eucharistia, 2021,705 x 555mm, oil on canvas

SOLD Beautitudes / Saligsprekinge, 2021, 705 x 555mm, oil on canvas

SOLD Wisdom of a silent, 2021, 1000x700mm, oil on canvas

SOLD Exhortation/ Vermaning, 2021, 505 x 605mm, oil on canvas

Can you see me in this light? 2021, 650 x 500mm, oil on fabriano tela

Leave the world behind, 2021, 650 x 500mm, oil on fabriano tela

SOLD God of small things i - vi, 2021, 200 x 175mm, oil on linen

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